Application for monitoring and recording of payments (“E-payment” application) in the Institute for Intellectual Property of BiH is an Internet application which allows application users access to independent assignment of administrative fees and special procedural charges for actions before the Institute.

By using "E-payment" application, user initiates assignment of reference number for the purpose of paying administrative fees and special procedural charges for a particular action before the Institute.

Documentation required for granting credentials (username and password)

1. General terms for using E-payment application

2. Amendments to the General Terms for using E-payment application

2. Request for access to E-payment application

3. Statement on accessing and accepting the terms of using E-payment application

The request and statement must be submitted in paper form to the Institute's protocol, while the username and password will be delivered to the user by registered mail or personal handover at the Institute.

Users with credentials assigned (username and password) can access the application here.