Continuation of education of key domestic institutions on intellectual property rights with the support of the European Union


Mostar, February 29, 2024 - In the past two weeks, the Institute for Intellectual Property of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with the project "EU Support for Intellectual Property Rights in BiH" funded by the European Union, successfully held two seminars to strengthen intellectual property rights in the country. These seminars were held in Mostar, and were intended for law enforcement agencies, respectively market inspectors and customs officials.

The seminars provided the participants with concrete insights into the issue of intellectual property rights, as well as practical recommendations that will be of great use to them in their daily work. Participants were given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with modern tools and methods of dealing with counterfeit and pirated goods which do not meet basic safety standards, because as such they can cause great damage to material goods or the health of users of such goods.

Customs control and inspections are critical to the handling of intellectual property rights as they help prevent the spread of counterfeit and pirated goods, protect public health and safety, encourage innovation and creativity, ensure compliance with international trade laws, deter illegal activity and maintain consumer confidence. These efforts require close cooperation between governments, international organizations and the private sector to be effective.

By providing the necessary expertise and support to the Institute for Intellectual Property and creative industries in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the European Union contributes to harmonizing legislation with European standards and improving the competitiveness and innovation of the country's economy.

"The project EU support of intellectual property rights in BiH emphasizes the commitment of the European Union in helping Bosnia and Herzegovina to raise its intellectual property framework in order to achieve European standards. A strong intellectual property framework is vital for a country's economic and innovative growth. Seminars are an indispensable part of comprehensive support for this sector, because we work intensively on the education of key domestic institutions and thus pave the way for a more prosperous future in accordance with European practices," said Miodrag Marković, project team leader, on this occasion.